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It's all about the team. At Surr, we consist of a founding trio — Lizen, Josefine and Kelly. We met as freelancers and founded Surr together in 2020. We work with design, photography, videography, strategies, campaigns and social media management. During 2022, we added Jennifer to our team as well.

We're always interested in new additions to our team. Small agency perk: As an intern at Surr you'll always work on real life projects. Small agency con: We can only have one at a time.

Who are you?

You feel comfortable to speak up and share your point of view with the team. You have high integrity and dare to take a stand. You like to contribute with your skills, ideas and thoughts.


Skill-wise, you're familiar with relevant social media platforms and feel confident working with them. Your strengths lies in creating visually intriguing content.


At last, you're exited to move to Malmö (we want you at the office!) if you don't live here already. Welcome!


Art Direction, Graphic design, Web design, Logotypes, Icons, Branding.


Videography, Photography, Stop motion, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok.


Concepts, Campaigns, Brand identity, Workshops, Social Media management.

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