Re-branding, logotype and stationary.


Re-branding of Headon — one of Malmös leading hairdressing salons. They're all about being unique, bold and inclusive.


Headon wanted to keep the typeface and concept of the existing logo. It was adjusted by using a thicker weight, rounding the corners and adjusting the cap height to create a more balanced overall impression. The statement dotted O was recreated to be even and aligned with the x-height and weight of the other glyphs.



The O is not only part of the logotype, but is also an icon in itself. It can be used on social media profiles and other material where the name is present in other ways.



Headons prior color palette consisted of warm grey tones and a lot of black and white. To stand out from their competitors we took a big step away from the standard shades and aimed for color. Headon’s accent color orange was updated to a more unique and versatile shade. The base color is a cool light beige, to balance the popping orange. The secondary accent shades are an icy lilac and a minty green, giving a dynamic contrast to the primary orange.

Graphic elements


Using the circular elements from the logotype in varying sizes and textures creates a dynamic layout to grab attention and enforce the graphic profile.



Headon needed a versatile and genderless typeface with a whole lot of attitude. Nimbus Sans Extended ticks the boxes and coveys the message of being bold.

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