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We met as individual freelancers, each within our own field — Josefine in video, Kelly in design and Lizen in sales. We realized how well we complemented each other and decided to be a permanent team. In 2020 we founded Surr in Malmö. Today, we're a team of five.

Although we've transformed into an agency, we like to stick to the flexible freelance mentality. We don't have any middle-hands and we like to keep it like that, talking directly to our clients.

We’re a team of young creatives, designers, communicators and do:ers.

Surr is a multidisciplinary creative agency, working across most digital platforms. We develop campaigns and concepts from scratch, delivering full service solutions. We take on projects specified within design, content or strategy to fulfill needs of all sizes. Our goal is to build long term partnerships and keep working together, like colleagues.

Our skills include — but are not limited to — graphic design, art direction, illustration, videography, photography, strategy, identity and concepts.

Open application:
Internship HT 2024

Är du intresserad av att ha din praktik hos oss på Surr? Nu välkomnar vi praktikansökningar inför hösten 2024! Praktiken sker på plats på Surrs kontor i Slottsstaden i Malmö.

Hur söker jag? Skicka ett mail till Inkludera gärna information om dig, vad du pluggar, och när din praktikperiod är.

+ Pluggar du design, illustration, film eller foto? Skicka med din portfolio/IG/showreel.
+ Pluggar du strategi eller kommunikation? Skicka med ditt CV.

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