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Bolon x Atelier September

Bolon is a family-founded flooring company from Stockholm. Founded in 1949, they aim to fuse the conservative, traditional flooring branch with design-led innovation and creativity.




Client: Bolon
Produced by: Surr
Concept: Gustav Broström / Bolon
CD: Kelly Bedmyr / Surr
DoP: Noel Edling / Edling Agency
Edit + Sound: Josefine Möllerberg / Surr
Interviewer: Jennie Eklund / Surr
Ass: Clara-Blå Borg / Surr


Bolon is collaborating with hyped café Atelier September by Fredrik Bille Brahe for a unique installation during 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen.


Wet met up with creative director and owner Annica Eklund at Atelier September to chat about the upcoming installation, her source of inspiration and ✨Copenhagen✨ in general.

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