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Headon Products

Headon Products doesn't believe that hair care is about you. Nope. It’s about your hair. Regardless of your gender, your style or your age — they've got the products your hair craves. Every product is created in collaboration with salon professionals at Headon salons. Created in Malmö. Produced in Sweden. Made for Everyone.


Video, Concept, Photography, Design


Creative direction, DoP, product photography & styling by Surr. Casting by Headon. Photography by Lamia Karic. Makeup by Amelie Holmberg. Hair by Jovana Filipovic, Sara Dahlin, Nichole Hellberg, Kristofer, Henrik Danielsson.


Create a visual universe for Headon Products that celebrates individuality and exudes boldness.


We created a mantra — hair is hair — to set the tone for Headon Products inclusive idea of hair care. For the launch campaign we took it further; we called out some of the stereotypes we face regarding our hair in relation to our gender, style and age.

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